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Website Recommendations

National Health Service Corps
You can check this site for current "underserved areas" in your own back yard. You'll be surprised. Check out the Money and Finance section of our site to read all about this financing option for med school.

Guide to DO schools
This is the official guide available for free, covering admissions requirements and detailed info about each school. Available online or as a book.

AMCAS Application
Application service for most allopathic (MD) schools.

Official MCAT website
Test dates, registration, general info, practice questions, practice tests for sale. Good resource regarding the MCAT.

Good website listing all specialties and dealing with residency positions, residency hours and pay for each and more info about specific residencies and specialties.

Kaplan MCAT prep
Considered the leader in MCAT prep by most.

Test to help you decide on a medical specialty
This is a neat test, used by 3rd year med students to help them decide on medical specialties that may fit their personality and desires. You answer a number of questions and get a list of recommended specialties.

Cool info for and about med school as well as residency.

Reviews of residency programs and other info about residency.

Student Doctor Network
Good resource with interview feedback for most medical schools and other items of interest to pre-med students.

AACOMAS Application
Application service for osteopathic (DO) schools.

Personal finances for medical students and residents. www.PoorMD.com

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