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www.StartMedicine Homepage
Intro & Disclaimer and who we are.

Path to Medicine
Education necessary to become a physician.
Practicing Medicine in various types of settings.
Work Hard or Coast while in med school?

Pre-med Requirements
General Info about things you need to do in preparation for your application.
Course Work & Degree requirements.
GPA & MCAT information. Includes detailed MCAT discussion and advice.
Shadowing physicians to see what medicine is like.
Volunteer and Service - importance for your application and what to do.
Clinical Exposure - importance for your application and what to do.
Research - when, how and how much you need.
Leadership & Multitasking and how it helps your application.
Recommendation Letters - Super important - Do them right!

Medical School Considerations
General school considerations - comparing some of the different school options.
Allopathic (MD) schools
Osteopathic (DO) schools
Podiatry (DPM) schools
Caribbean schools
International schools
Selecting a school - other fators to consider before making a decision.

Medical School Application Process
Application Process Overview with timetable.
Early, early, early - Being quick and on the ball pays off hugely!
Advisor & Committee - What role does the pre-med advisor and committee play?
Application info. AMCAS & AACOMAS.
Personal Statement advice, tips and info.
Secondary Application and what to do with them.
Interview advice, tips, info. Ethical question examples.
Acceptance, Rejection and Wait List
Re-applying to medical school

Medical School Money and Finances
Cost of Attendance, your student budget and your change check (living money)
Loans & Scholarships availability. Military scholarships also discussed.
Making It on a tight student budget. Government and other programs to help you.

Taste of Med School - What medical school is like.
What You Do in med school. A look at class schedule, etc. for the 4 years.
The Experience - see what med school is like - a look at all 4 years.

Residency Thoughts - what to do and what to expect
Residency Thoughts - read about residency.
Choosing a mecidal specialty.
List and info about specific mecidal specialties.

Profile Questions that we asked current medical students
What's your story/Why medicine?
Are you in any special circumstances?
What was the hardest part in preparing for med school?
How much did you work during undergrad?
How did you prepare for the MCAT?
How much did you shadow physicians?
How much did you volunteer?
What clinical exposure did you have?
Did you have any leadership experience?
What suggestions do you have for the personal statement?
What suggestions do you have for the secondary app?
What suggestions do you have for the interview?
Describe your pre-med schedule, typical day and week.
Did you do any other extra-curricular activities?
How did you choose your med school?
Did you take any extra courses in preparation for med school?
Any open-ended advice?

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