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West Virginia University School of Medicine                  Viewed 84369 times

Use at your own risk. We do not guarantee any of this information to be correct.
You should purchase the current Medical School Admission Requirements for most recent and up-to-date information available.

General Information
School name:West Virginia University School of Medicine
Institution type:Public MD school
Address:Office of Student Services
Health Sciences Center
P.O. Box 9111
Morgantown, WV  26506
Degree programs:MD/PhD, MD/MPH
Accredited by:LCME
WHO listed:Yes
Year founded:1902
Admission cycle:Annually
Degree required:Yes
MCAT required:Yes
Local rotations:
Link to application:http://www.aamc.org/...
Acceptance notification:

Calculated GPA and MCAT scores are averages calculated from student submitted profiles. Some of this information may change every year and should be viewed as approximate values.

USMLE 1 pass rate:0
Class Size:100
Total Enrollment:428
Calculated MCAT:42
Calculated GPA:4
Students on scholarships:0
On military scholarships:0
On NHSC scholarship:0
On other scholarships:0
Funded MD/PhD spots:0
Student Profiles, Diaries, Rankings
Student Profiles0
Student Diaries1
Awards & Rankings1

Student Budget Information for 2008
Budget ItemIn-StateOut-State
Living Money$0$0
Total Budget$0$0
Last year tuition & fee increase: 5.00%
Budget available for years: 2008   2007   2006   2005   2004   

Application Stats for 2007
(These don't change much from year to year)
Note: Accepted = Matriculated + Deferred (The actual number of offers extended is actually higher)

Accepted applicants:38.3%1.0%
Accepted interviewees:59.4%11.9%

Compare admission data to other schools

Your chances
For interview invitation:1 in 1.61 in 12.2
Applicants accepted:1 in 2.61 in 102.5
Interviewees accepted:1 in 1.71 in 8.4

Stats available for years: 2007   2006   2005   2001   

We do not guarantee this information to be correct. Use at your own risk.
We are not liable for any losses or damage.

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