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Format: 6 x 9
Pages: 392
Publish date: March 23, 2007
Publisher: Mill City Press
Author: Christian Becker
Additional Contributors:
     Ai Mukai, MD
     Audrey Stanton, DO, MPH
     Andrew Doan, MD, PhD
     Diane L. Evans, DO, MS
     Erin Moore, MD
     Mark Piedra, MD
     Natalie J. Belle, MD
     Rachel Liu
     Robert Greenhagen
Written by the SDN experts including medical students, residents and physicians.

The lead author of this book is Christian Becker, the creator of this website.

Comments from students and advisors:
  • “The most complete treatment of the subject”

  • “Excellent resource for students who are considering medicine as a career.”

  • “The Bible of Admission Guides.”

  • “Get this book. It covers everything you need to know.”
You will learn:
  • What all your medical school options are (MD, DO, Caribbean & international)

  • How to become a stronger applicant

  • How to gain admission to medical school

  • How to succeed in medical school

  • Details about pre-med, medical school, residency, and beyond

  • Tips and suggestions from successful medical school applicants

  • Personal statement and interview advice

  • Detailed scholarship and financial discussion, including military and National Health Service Corps options

Book Description:

The Official Student Doctor Network Medical School Admission Guide will take you step by step through the entire process of getting into medical school. It includes a detailed discussion and comparison of MD, DO, Caribbean and international medical schools as well as podiatry schools. It will teach you how to stand out from the rest of the applicants. Going beyond just medical school admissions, the book provides a detailed look at the entire medical training process – from pre-med, through medical school, residency, and fellowship training – even different practice settings and medicine as a whole.

Author Info:

Christian Becker (Lead Author) - Currently a medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Christian recently completed the admissions process. He is also the creator of an SDN-partner pre-med website, which provides information, hints and unique student advice on gaining admission to medical school.

The SDN Volunteer Team (Contributors) - Active moderators of the Student Doctor Network including medical students, residents, fellows, and senior physicians. The SDN Team has extensive experience in applying to medical school, surviving as medical students, passing the medical boards, and practicing as physicians.

The Student Doctor Network (SDN) is the largest premed and medical student community on the Web. A nonprofit site, the SDN community has over 30,000 active members and a thriving forum with over 4 million posts filled with advice, information, and support. Join us online at www.studentdoctor.net

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