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Introduction and Disclaimer

www.StartMedicine.com (previously www.MedSchoolReady.com) is operated by MedSchoolReady LLC.

MedSchoolReady LLC is not responsible for any losses or damage of any sort or lack of admission to any school as a result of using the information and advice or any content of this website.

While completing my undergrad course work, I spent a lot of time researching info about medical school admissions, talking with med students, physicians, advisors and admissions people, and reading much on the subject.

Some of my fellow pre-med students suggested that I should put together a website and I decided that this would be a great way to compile all the info I had gathered into an easy-to-read format (which took me several years to accumulate bit by bit). So, I spend about 2 months planning (part-time) and then 3 months during the summer (full-time) programming the system and writing the content and more time yet to update things on an ongoing basis. The site officially launched August 2005 and is still growing and being improved almost weekly (or at least monthly) by adding more features, info and data. Also, more and more current medical students are contributing to this site by posting their student profiles and perspectives and making student diary entries.

In 2007, I had the opportunity to work with the Student Doctor Network (SDN) to write and publish the Official Student Doctor Network Medical School Admission Guide, which is largely based on the information on this website as well as additional contributions by additional SDN contributors. If you like this site, you can show your appreciation and support by purchasing a copy :)
I also write a regular pre-med column on the SDN.

My initial intent in setting up this website was to provide a cohesive site that sort of covers Admissions to medical school from A to Z in a comprehensive fashion.

Obviously, there is great variation in experiences between applicants and some people may agree or disagree to some exent on certain issues (how important is shadowing, etc. for example). I present my views and what I have gathered from others who were successfully admitted throughout the years. (Sort of like a mini meta-analysis of people I knew, met or read about.)

When I went through the application process just recently myself (I'm currently a fourth year medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin), the last thing I wanted to hear was "it depends" or "whatever you want to do". I wanted to set specific goals for my pre-med preparation that I could meet and exceed.

It took a lot of time to accumulate this information and it helped me to prepare well for the admission process at different schools.
Much of the advice is very detailed, step-by-step and may be too detailed for some and too basic for others. However, I found in my own search that the more info and the more detail I had, the better.

Although this site represents my very best efforts at providing accurate info, please keep in mind, that I am not a full-time pre-med advisor.
As already mentioned, I am currently in medical school myself. I do not knowingly or intentionally post any incorrect information, but I have made mistakes before.

To get a more balanced view and other people's opinions (besides my own) on the topics covered on this site, I wanted to make the student profiles and perspectives section the key section of this website. It contains profiles posted by current medical students and provides unique insights into what many successful students have done to gain admission to medical school and allows you to hear from many sources instead of just one person.

A word of special thanks and appreciation goes to my wife Brittney for her contributions and her continual support of all my adventures.

I hope, as you prepare for medical school, you also find this information and this website useful.

Good luck and all the best!

C Becker, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin, class of 2009

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