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New to the pre-med "game"?    Read all the topics on this site one-by-one.
Seasoned already?    Read on... we have lots of info for you.

Read the student profiles to see what others have done to prepare and gain admission to medical school. Read their tricks and advice and what worked for them.

We asked current medical students:
What was the hardest part in preparing for med school?
How did you prepare for the MCAT?
How much did you shadow physicians?
    ...and 15 more questions like these...
Find out what med school is like "from the trenches" in the med school diaries section.
Check MCAT scores, GPA and school info           View - More fantastic stats you'll love!

If you are a current med student (or at l east admitted to med school already), please contribute by posting your perspective. You can also write your med school diary for the benefit of others.

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