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Clinical Exposure

See the note under Volunteer and Service and appreciate the fact that your volunteer service in a clinical setting (anything with patients around) also counts as clinical exposure. Also, shadowing time counts towards clinical exposure. In fact, it is a great way to immerse yourself in clinical settings and gain clinical exposure.

See what successful applicants did for Clinical Exposure.

However you do it, volunteer, paid or by shadowing, make sure that you do enough of it. Talking about your experiences drawn from clinical exposure are guaranteed interview topics. They also provided you with reasons and excitement for choosing medicine. You will have specific situations, patients, etc. to talk about (without disclosing private information) in your interviews. See the shadowing section for more info.

These experiences and their impact on you, the things that "make you tick", are the things that interviewers are interested in because it gives them a view into your thoughts and feelings about medicine.

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